Monday, November 30, 2009

CISF to hire over 6,000 from Naxal, militant areas

Raghvendra Rao

In an attempt to demonstrate to residents of areas affected by Naxalite and militant activity that the Government is serious about bringing them into the “mainstream,” the Centre has allowed Central paramilitary forces to fill an earmarked number of posts exclusively with people from these areas.

Following clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) has initiated the process of filling up 6,507 posts of constables exclusively with candidates belonging to the 17 states currently affected by some form of Naxalism or militancy.

These posts are in addition to the 9,493 posts of constables that the CISF plans to fill up, recruiting people from all over the country. Around 40 percent of the 16,000 constables CISF will recruit will be exclusively from Naxal or militancy-affected areas.

Under the plan for Naxal-affected states, CISF will recruit 1,538 candidates from 16 affected districts of Andhra Pradesh, another 977 from 14 districts in Bihar, 666 candidates from 16 districts in Jharkhand, 572 candidates from nine districts in Orissa, 534 candidates from three districts in West Bengal, 251 from eight districts in Chhattisgarh, 169 from four districts in Maharashtra, 95 from three districts in Madhya Pradesh and 156 candidates from three districts in Uttar Pradesh.

Similarly, the recruitment plan for militancy-affected states envisages induction of 791 men from Assam, 339 men from Jammu and Kashmir, 126 from Tripura, 85 from Meghalaya, 68 from Manipur, 66 from Nagaland, 42 from Arunachal and 32 from Mizoram.

Officials said that besides employment, such a move also serves a strategic purpose since the recruits will be familiar with the terrain in these areas and will be an asset in fighting militancy.

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