Sunday, November 29, 2009

'Insurgency, Naxalism product of govt's neglect'

New Delhi, Nov 29 (PTI) A leading US think tank has claimed the Indian government's "neglect" for rural areas has led to the problem of left-wing insurgency and called it a critical threat to the country's security.

Stratfor also raised doubts about the efficiency of security forces involved in countering the menace of Naxal threats.

"Naxalite threat is one of the most fundamental if not the most critical threat impacting Indian national security today. The intensity of the insurgency that we see today is the product of decades of government neglect for India's rural areas. This has provided fertile ground for the Naxalites to operate and hone their skills in insurgent tactics," said Reva Bhalla, Director-Analysis, Stratfor.

"Without a sustained developmental effort in rural India, the Naxalite insurgency will remain alive. India's internal security forces appear to be ill-equipped to deal with this threat," she told PTI.

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