Monday, November 30, 2009

Maoists blow up govt building in Palamu

TNN 30 November 2009, 08:17pm

DALTONGANJ: Harihurganj block in Palamu district was again in the news for the wrong reasons when Maoists blew up yet another government building The under-construction panchayat bhavan at Kharagpur village of the block is now in ruins. The Maoists used two mine containers to blow it. Also, with the help of freshly cut logs from roadside trees, the Maoists blocked the main Daltonganj-Chhaterpur road.

Sources said with the blowing up of this building, the number of government buildings destroyed in Harihurganj block alone has gone up to eight. The destruction had begun on November 24 when the Maoists blasted two schools of the block. On Saturday, they blew up five government schools and on Sunday, a panchayat bhavan.

Confirming the incident, Palamu superintendent of police Palamu Jatin Narwal said police have lodged FIRs in all these cases. Strangely, CRPF has not been deployed at harihurganj block despite so many Maoist explosions. Only a small band of policemen are doing duty there.

The reason why the trees were felled to block roads was to prevent Congress candidate Radha Krishan Kishore from going to Chhaterpur to file his nomination on Monday. The extremists have this time decided to cause as much problems to Congress nominees as much as possible.

The Maoists had left a handwritten note there at the site of the blockade, warning that there could be explosions if any one tried to remove the logs. But police removed those and opened the road. Thereafter, Kishore went to Chhaterpur with his men and filed his nomination.

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