Thursday, November 26, 2009

Maoists more deadly with landmines than with AK-47

Subhashish Mohanty / DNAThursday, November 26, 2009 0:20 IST Email

Bhubaneswar: It's not AK-47 and .303 rifles but land mines that are turning into a lethal weapon in the hands of Maoists, particularly those active in bordering areas of Orissa, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh. "Yes, they are using it extensively, either killing policemen or blowing up trains," said I-G (operations) Sanjeeb Marik

Police officials in anti-Maoist operations point out that the Maoists prefer these mines to inflict maximum casualty. Mostly, they use the impoverished land mines "though they also have Chinese weapons."

To make these bombs, they collect gelatine sticks and dynamites from mining areas or attack vehicles carrying explosives for mining purpose. Most of the gelatine sticks are produced in Gomia, Jharkhand. They even procure explosives from the Indian Explosives and Detonator Limited factory in Sundergarh district. It's no big deal, the factory does not have a boundary wall.

Ammonia or urea manure is mixed to the gelatine to make it deadlier. The explosive is put inside a container, the upper portion of which is made air-tight. In the lower portion, they make a hole and place a detonator connected with wires. The land mine is placed near causeways. When a vehicle passes by, they trigger an explosion from a comfortable position. "50 gms of explosive is enough to kill a man, 10 kg can toss a vehicle to 25 feet," said a senior cop.

Forces are vulnerable to these mines as the Road Operating Party fails to clean the road before movement of forces.

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