Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Naxals devising new warfare techniques

Posted: Nov 24, 2009 at 1910 hrs IST

New Delhi In the wake of Centre’s plan to launch an all out offencive against Left Wing Extremists, the naxals are now re-strategising and devising new warfare techniques, CRPF Director General A S Gill said on Tuesday.
Naxals are laying pressure bombs in the jungles, constructing new pits with wooden spikes in order to sabotage the operations in naxal-hit states, Gill said here.

He said such methods of the Naxals was recently noticed and is part of their counter strategy to the operations, which he said will start after the Jharkhand polls.

Gill said though the multi-state coordinated offencive against the left-wing extremists were scheduled to start earlier, it was delayed because of the Maharashtra polls and now because of the Jharkhand polls.

CRPF Special DG Vijay Raman, who is commander for the upcoming multi-paramilitary offencive against the left-wing extremists, said the Naxals “apply their mind” and strategies in a big way before carrying out any attacks.

He said additional paramilitary men have already started reaching their new areas of operations and final touches are being given to the infrastructural support needed in the areas.

Asked about the use of foreign made weapons by the Naxals, Gill said the left-wing renegades have connections with insurgent groups in the Northeast and they getting the arms from such groups “cannot be ruled out.” He said the force has adopted new jungle warfare techniques and stress is being laid on training.

Gill said the recently sanctioned intelligence network of the CRPF would be put in place by beginning of the next year.

He said about 7000-10,000 armed Naxals are operating in the country, ruling out any foreign-hand in the menace.

Asked if the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles was planned in the awaited anti-naxal operations, Gill said the force will adopt all available modern gadgets in its fight.

Incidentally the force has also the maximum number of its personnel in the Naxal infested states than in militancy hit Jammu and Kashmir or the insurgency affected Northeast.

Of the 65 CRPF personnel who lost their lives this year, 57 were killed in left-wing affected states.

Gill said the problem of Naxals always existed but it is now that the country has grown to accept it. Though not willing to give any time frame to the start of the offencive, he claimed security forces will soon gain an upper hand over the left-wing extremists.

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