Friday, December 25, 2009

Home Ministry unperturbed as Maoists make merry

The Maoists are carrying on their depredations as the Union Home Ministry tries to defer coordinated counter actions on one pretext or the other. After bungling the Telengana issue the home Ministry now talks of dividing the Ministry

CJ: Rupam Banerjee Fri, Dec 25, 2009 17:21:54 IST

MAOISTS CONTINUE their depredations in several opposition ruled states, including West Bengal, killing civilians and policemen and the Union Home Ministry is now engrossed with creation of a new portfolio dividing the ministry after dangerously mishandling the Andhra Pradesh statehood issue.'

With Prime Minister Manmohan Singh repeatedly asserting that the Maoists are the single largest threat to the country's internal security Home Minister P Chidambaram talked of several tough actions against the red terrorists. But he proved to be an empty vessel with all his proposed actions remaining confined to his statements only. This attitude of Mr. Chidambaram gave serious credence to the allegations that his ministry was reluctant to take action because the Maoists remained active mostly in opposition ruled states.

Emboldened by the inaction, the Maoists are calling the shots and even rejected the offer for talks without surrendering the arms. They did not even hesitate to call Mr. Chidambaram a “liar”.

The Union Home Minister announced joint operations against the Maoists under the supervision of senior military officers. But nothing happened. He continued to defer the joint actions. Then he invited the Maoists for talks and said they must surrender arms. He renewed his invitation saying that Maoists would have to abjure violence and require to surrender their arms.

Critics, however, say he is reluctant to take action against the Maoists as they are active mostly in opposition ruled states. He preferred to pass the buck to the respective state governments under the pretext that law and order is a state subject.

“Despite knowing this fact, he announced joint operations by the security forces in Chhatishgarh, Orissa, Jharkhand and West Bengal. But nothing happened and the Maoists continued with their depredations, killing civilians and security personnel and blowing up school buildings, government property, including railway stations and tracks and telephone towers,” they pointed out.

Referring to the Maoist depredations in West Bengal, critics said the Union Home Minister was probably waiting for the outcome of the Assembly election in Jharkhand. “If the Congress forms the government with the help of Shibu Soren's Jharkhand Mukti Morcha, it may strike an accord with the Maoists like it had done in Andhra Pradesh after it came to power dethroning the Chandrababu Naidu Government there and allow the Maoists to further strengthen their bases in the adjoining states,” they observed.

In Andhra Pradesh, they said, the Maoists helped the Congress to oust the Naidu Government. “ But in West Bengal the Maoists are actively helping the Trinamool Congress, a partner of the Congress in the UPA, and the Union Home Ministry may not go at all for a joint operation till the Assembly election in the state in 2011 is over,” they said.

The ruling Left Front has been demanding joint operations by the security forces of Jharkhnad, Orissa and West Bengal for a long time. “Once the Union Home Minister had promised to ensure joint operations but nothing happened. Probably he has realized that Maoists are actually annihilating the CPI(M)'s local level leaders and activists and helping his party's partner Trinamool Congress so that the Cong-Trinamool alliance can come to power in the 2011 Assembly election,” a spokesperson of the Front said.

“The Trina-Maos are bent on creating anarchy in the state for narrow political gains but the efforts will definitely retard the growth of the state by several decades,” he alleged.

Nearly 300 party activists have been killed by the 'Trina-Maos' since the last parliamentary election in the state, he claimed.

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