Thursday, December 03, 2009

Maoists spying on security forces

3 Dec 2009, 1152 hrs IST

Like the Indian state, Maoists too have their own well organized secret service. They call it PSS – the ‘Peoples Security Service’. TIMES NOW has exclusive access to confidential details of the Maosits spying on Indian forces and the State.

The spies are a new and critical tool in the Red Terror's deadly network, as Chattisgarh police DG Vishwa Ranjan explains. “Any underground movement will have to establish an intelligence unit for its own survival,” he says.

Accordingly the PSS’s mission is to penetrate government intelligence. By way of proof TIMES NOW has accessed a copy of the Maoist confidential handbook revealing the workings of the People's Security Service. One line in the handbook reads: “That you cannot know yourself completely without knowing about your enemy is a reality"

DG Ranjan feels that Maoists have been using their spies “very successfully”. “I think what they have been using very successfully is their scanners which catches the frequency of police wireless,” he says.

The documents reveal among other things infiltration guidelines to penetrate and extract information from the Army, the police forces and other central agencies.

Ranjan admits that the Indian government forces have never been able to apprehend so far, “someone who at a higher echelon of their intelligence service.”

Recently however police arrested three alleged Maoist spies. But they are comparatively smaller fry in the pond. There could be many more and spies and at higher levels, spread through various government bodies, plotting the next Maoist assault.

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