Friday, December 25, 2009

You all are part of us, Maoists tell cops

Jaideep Hardikar / DNAFriday, December 25, 2009 2:05 IST

Mumbai: Even before the tactical battle sets off, the Maoists have launched an emotional war.

In a two-page pamphlet recovered by authorities from villages in Gadchiroli and south Bastar, the Maoists have asked the troops not to wage a war against their own brethren, who are living in perpetual poverty and years of oppression. But the police authorities say the appeal through the pamphlets does not come as a surprise. "It's a routine strategy the Maoists employ to deter and divide the forces," they say.

Issued by the Dandakaranya Special Zone Committee, the appeal to the troops and lower rung officers of the police and paramilitary agencies says: "You are our own though you are in the uniform for your bread and butter. But, brothers, what's the meaning to such a life? Don't forget that those who have armed you are traitors of this country, they are the enemies of this land."
The Maoists have said in the appeal that they had been sent to the area to wage a decisive war, encouraged and trained in warfare by their seniors. "But you might have seen and learnt by now that you've to fight this war against the poor tribal people who are living in villages without basic amenities."

The appeal reads further that it was just a coincidence that in the centenary year of the
'Mahan Bhumkal Andolan' (Bhumkal means uprising in tribal parlance), they've to revolt once again -- this time against the oppression from the government.


Anonymous said...

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debasis said...

yes maoists are also indians and part of us. but when the legitimate representative of state asked them to shun violence and negotiate , they just refused. the maoist leaders had earlier rejected the offer to talk and had sent their brainwashed foot soldiers to face death.

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