Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chhattisgarh Police for better anti-landmine vehicles

Raipur: As Chhattisgarh police officers analyse what went wrong leading to the deadly Naxal attack in Dantewada, one of their demands is better anti-landmine vehicles to safeguard the personnel."An anti-landmine vehicle can withstand the impact of an explosion up to a certain limit after which it can get damaged. It seems the Naxals have identified its capacity and are targeting them," a senior police officer told.

In the past five years there have been at least six instances when the Maoists have damaged anti-landmine vehicles in blasts. This includes the 2006 incident in Gangalur village of Bastar area when 24 jawans were killed.

Whenever the Naxals target the vehicle, it does not get destroyed completely but certain portions are damaged causing serious injuries to the jawans sitting inside it, they said.

Following such incidents, state police have now written to the vehicle manufacturers to rectify the flaws and make them more safe. In the deadliest Naxal attack on Tuesday, 75 CRPF personnel and a state policeman were killed in the thick forests of Dantewada district.

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