Tuesday, April 13, 2010

‘CRPF didn’t follow standard procedure’

New Delhi: DHNS:

Standard operation procedure was not followed by the CRPF force which was massacred in Dantewande in Chattisgarh on April 6, according to an initial assessment within the force.

The force which lost 75 of its personnel was not completely adapted to the terrain and did not take fool-proof measures in terms of anticipating razor-sharp operation from the rival side. “There was a complete surprise”, the assessment said.

“It will take considerable time before the CRPF resumes it’s area domination operations in the liberated zones”, said an official. He said “complacency” and “failure to guess a massive attack like this” has dented the confidence of the force.

The lack of training and shooting practice left the Jawans vulnerable and outmatched by the Naxals who have all the advantages in their “own terrain”, sources said.
The multiple-roles accorded to the force with Jawans frequently asked to move from terrorist infested region to the region of Left-extremism did not give them a lead time to understand “the new task” and its complexities, they said.

The operation commanders should have noticed the drastic changes in the guerrilla tactics of the Maoist who have been striking at will in the length and width of “the red zone”, sources pointed out and maintained that “massive deployment” of forces may not be an answer to the mobile operation recently launched by the Naxals.
DH News Service

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