Monday, April 12, 2010

'Filipino insurgents in league with Maoists'

Caesar Mandal, TNN, Apr 12, 2010, 01.44am IST

KOLKATA: After fighting in the jungles for decades, the Maoists are getting ready to raise their urban guerrilla force and for that they are getting help from their Filipino comrades, according to Indian intelligence agencies.

CPI (Maoist), the largest underground communist party in the world, is turning into a global threat because it is playing a crucial role in unifying communist rebels across the globe, intelligence sources say.

Indian intelligence agencies claimed that the link between the Maoists and their Filipino comrades came to light during the interrogation of two Maoist rebels arrested from Gujarat in March this year. On Wednesday, the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency of Philippines, too, corroborated this lead.

The revelation has worried both Indian and foreign intelligence bodies. Agencies under external affairs and defence ministries are now focusing more intensely on the CPI (Maoist).

Intelligence agencies had alerted the government that the Red brigade in India is setting up urban guerrilla squads for targeted annihilation. This was never denied by the Maoist leadership.

Intelligence sleuths have reasons to believe that some members of the Communist Party of Philippines (CPP), one of the major communist insurgent outfits of the world, had met Indian Maoist leaders in Chhattisgarh. Agencies also claimed that CPI (Maoist) cadres are undergoing training in urban guerrilla warfare in different Indian cities.

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