Monday, April 12, 2010

Govt to recruit about 2,000 ex-servicemen

New Delhi, Apr 12 (PTI) The government will recruit about 2,000 ex-servicemen specialised in commando and jungle warfare tactics to impart cutting-edge training to CRPF personnel.

The recruitment of these ex-servicemen, which will begin next month, assumes significance as 75 para-military personnel were massacred by Maoists in Chhattisgarh's Dantewada recently, raising questions on the operational strategies of the force.

Those servicemen, who retired as Sepoy and Havaldar, will be drawn from Army regiments and Corps like infantry, mechanised infantry, armoured, artillery, intelligence and engineering Corps for the purpose.

In order to ensure that the CRPF personnel get the best training, the government has made it mandatory for these ex-servicemen to be trained in specialised courses like 'Ghatak' commando training, weapons, IED and bomb disposal, dog handling, Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare (CIJW).


nandan said...

laughing proposal . i want to know the mastermind of this joke .retired arty or mechanised .god this country.and only u r saving otherwise how such thought can take place CRPF is better than army in dealing internal .why u r forgoting role of CRPF IN PUNJAB

Anonymous said...

i is sorry to hear comments of media..they boast of strategy ...had they declare persuit... naxal heads would be in panic and paramilatery force would reorg in double enthu..but they lost their creditability...idono why they r so interested in running any othere mnc...and what air chief to offer??? training paramilitary force in flying......
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