Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Is Chhattisgarh attack 'consequence' of Operation Green Hunt?

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Naxalites in India
New Delhi: A top maoist leader names Gopal has said that the brutal killing of 75 CRPF troopers in the dense forests of Chattisgarh was the 'direct consequence' of the government's Operation Green Hunt offensive.

Gopal, who is the 'area commander' of Bihar-Jharkahnd-northern Chhatisgarh, said 'The attack in Chhatisgarh and the earlier one in Orissa is a direct consequence of the Central Government persisting with Operation Green Hunt.'

In an interview to BBC's Hindi Service, Gopal said 'There has been no impact of Operation Green Hunt (paramilitary offensive against Maoists in five states) on our cadres. We have become more alert since then. We believe that the time to engage in direct battle with the Central Government has now come. There is a new revolutionary zeal in our cadres'.

'We have been surrounded by paramilitary battalions. They are setting fire to the forests and making adivasis (tribals) flee. In this situation, we have no other alternative (but to stage attacks).

'We were prepared to talk to the government. Chidambaram Sahab wanted a 72-hour ceasefire but our leader Kishenji offered a 72-day ceasefire. But we wanted an end to Operation Green Hunt and release of our leaders held in various jails to create the right environment for talks. But Chidambaram refused,' he said.

What's happening? A maoist leader giving interview on radio openly and challenging government. What our government is doing?

Maoist violence, which has become a major concern for the country needs the strobgest steps against it from the government.


Anonymous said...

We know that What "Your" Govt. is doing?, It is making Salwa Judum, to kill adivasis and rape peoples daughters!!

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I pity you incompetents thulas.....