Monday, April 12, 2010

JNU: An oasis for Maoists and Naxalites!

Jawaharlal Nehru University has been a progressive and inclusive campus, but in recent years all public space is taken over by Naxalites-Maoists and their supporters. In name of communist agenda they openly perform anti-Indian activities.

CJ: Amit Srivastava Mon, Apr 12, 2010 11:42:11 IST

NAXALITES, THE most deadly terrorists of our time have staunch supporters in India’s most famous university Jawahar Lal University. Though these pro-Maoist students are a small section of student community, but they manage to express their viewpoint very widely as they get very strong support from media, administration and political leaders.

They also get support of some students vouching for caste based politics, their small numbers get presented in a big way in media as they are well known to media houses. All this supports is exploited by them when it comes to defend the killings of poor Adivasis and poor security personnel who thrive their families on mere few thousands of salaries.

These Maoist-Naxalites students’ wings are comprised of two main organizations: AISA (All India Student Associations) and DSU (Democratic Students Union). AISA says, ‘Naxalbari lal Salam’ (Naxalbari Red Salute) while DSU says, ‘Naxalbari ek Hi Rasta’ (Naxalbari the only way). This is the reason they are well known as Naxalites among common students. Most of the time they are supporters of each other and often they violently oppose nationalist student organizations like YFE (Youth For Equality), AVBP (Akhil Bharatiya Vidhyarthi Parishad), NSUI (National Student Union of India).

The barbaric killing of 76 CRPF personnel was mourned by YFE, ABVP and NSUI. YFE is still lighting candles in each hostel to pay homage to the souls of our security forces, who died for our national integrity. However, Dantewara attack was vindicated by DSU and AISA and a celebration was organized in form of a movie show on the next night. It was an open support to naxalites, this act irked most of the students and the programmed was opposed. Due to large participation in anti-naxalite procession AISA came with mild words against the ‘killings’ still their pamphlet was more against government and less against killer Maoists.

It is strange to see that AISA and DSU, openly support Maoists and Islamic Terrorists, SAR Gilani and all possible insurgents from North East. Maoist poets and thinkers are openly called and honoured by them within JNU premises and JNU administration silently support such acts. The Batla House encounter was held ‘fake’ by DSU and AISA, Kashmiri separatists are praised by them… but still with administration’s passive support they are able to retain JNUSU funds, offices for three years. The various clubs are also with them and administration has still to say anything on fund’s misappropriation by these naxalites.

Despite memorandums, letters to VC, requests and warnings by YFE, ABVP, NSUI and many common students, these Maoists are performing well and smoothly with JNU administration’s permissive attitude towards them.

The deadliest attack of Dantewara is not just an attack against India but also a hideous act against human rights. All concerned students have formed an organization to combat the naxal menace in JNU campus in name of ‘Student Against Naxalism’. On 11th April a huge solidarity march was organized by Student Against Naxalim, and they are also called a protest against administration on 12th April for allowing Naxalites activities in campus.

The presence of Naxalites in campus has not only promoted anti-national environment but also spread bitter division among students on caste and religion lines. The divisive students group are trapped by these naxalites on some caste issues but implicated that support for their main business of Naxal terrorism.

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