Thursday, April 08, 2010

Maoists slit throats of 2 cops, lost 8 of their own in attack

Apurva Posted online: Friday , Apr 09, 2010 at 0928 hrs

New Delhi : Underlining the brutality of the Naxal attack in Dantewada, it has now emerged that two of the securitymen — at least one of them from the CRPF — had their throats slit by their attackers. Over 35 of the 76 killed had died of bullet injuries.

And, according to telephone intercepts, the Maoists could have lost as many as eight of their cadres in the encounter.

These intercepts by intelligence agencies have established the identities of the eight People’s Liberation Guerilla Army (PLGA) members killed in the ambush: Rukmati, Vidyal, Singhal, Waghal, Raju, Ratan, Mangu and Ramal.

While there was intelligence input from Central agencies on the presence of a large number of Naxals in some parts of the forest, which prompted the operation in the first place, sources said the role played by a “rogue informant” who possibly “misled” the CRPF posse and got them trapped is also being examined.

“The Naxals know that a security force will not use the same route to get back to its base. However, the fact that they mined the route this party had taken while going into the forests indicates that they were reasonably sure the party will come back the same way. The local informer apparently planted information that led this team to take the same route while returning,” a government source said.

“This local source apparently enjoyed full faith of the securitymen who failed to see through the plan. At the time they were cornered, the CRPF party had been trapped in a Y-shaped area, from where there was no escape route,” the source added.

Meanwhile, the Centre today appointed retired IPS officer and former BSF DG E N Rammohan to conduct an inquiry into the circumstances leading to the ambush of platoons of ‘A’ & ‘G’ Companies of the CRPF’s 62nd Battalion.

Rammohan has been asked to submit his report within 15 days. His mandate includes establishing the circumstances preceding and the sequence of events leading to the

incident of April 6, reconstructing, as far as possible, the actual events that took place on that day from 0500 hrs to 1200 hrs and until the first rescue party reached the place of incident.

The inquiry will examine call records of mobile telephones used by the deceased/injured personnel during the encounter and gather evidence from family members “that would throw light on the actual events that took place during the ambush, analyzing and establishing the decision/command structure/ hierarchy and the specific levels which took relevant decisions leading to the incident.”

Also on the agenda: examining the training imparted to the relevant companies of CRPF and details of SoPs issued, response of the state police and the CRPF, both during the ambush and post-ambush relief and rescue operations.

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