Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Maoists worst human rights offenders: study

New Delhi: Naxalites are India's worst human rights offenders, says a new report on Torture in India. But Maoist supporters maintain that the Naxals are fighting for survival.

A report on Torture in India has made the startling revelation. The Asian Centre for Human Rights says that the Maoists are the worst violators when it comes to torture. For the first time ever, a top human rights group in India has accepted and highlighted that fact.

The Torture in India report puts American journalist Joel Elliot in the cover.

Suhas Chakma, Director, Asian Center for Human Rights says: "This report makes it clear that the nation needs a Prevention of Torture Bill quickly."

The report puts American journalist Joel Elliot who was tortured by Delhi Police in custody after he was picked up allegedly stealing a taxi, on their cover. The report says there has been a 41.66 % increase of custodial deaths since 2000. Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat are top three offenders."

The UPA government has made a bold announcement to do just that, only a day after the Dantewada massacre. However the big question is whether they have the political will and number to pass it in Parliament.

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