Saturday, April 17, 2010

Military to decide on war on Maoists: Antony

2010-04-16 16:20:00
The involvement of armed forces in the war against Maoist guerrillas will be taken 'after considering all aspects', Defence Minister A.K. Antony said Friday.

'The government will take an appropriate decision after considering all aspects,' he told reporters on the sidelines of the Unified Commanders conference here.

The minister was asked about the possibility of involving the armed forces to fight the increasingly aggressive Maoists.

Antony's comments follow those of Air Chief Marshal P.V. Naik, who said this week that using the air force to target Maoists was risky because innocent civilians could get hit.


Shobita Asthana said...

Military victory in LWE does not lead to success in tackling the Naxal Challenge : It is NOT a military war.

If at all the Military is to be involved the country must first decide as to "Is the Army going in to SOLVE the problem"? CAN the Army solve a NON MILITARY problem??

The problem wil get further aggravated because even more local population will get against the state : see what has happened in the Eastern states where Army is involved for the last 60 years, or in J & K in the last 20 years.

So the Central Government MUST define the desired END state, arrive at a TIME FRAME, and a definite EXIT STRATEGY for the military, should it be called upon at all.

Also, once they are involved, the Military MUST have complete powers and freedom to operate and even the State Government MUST be placed under their direction. The people and the World will expect that once the Army is involved, then everything will be solved. So the Central Government MUST empower them, otherwise the political forces, moneyed mafias and other players will continue to obfuscate the situation and nothing will be achieved.

MOST IMPORTANT is DEVELOPMENT. This must be placed in the hands of the Military to get executed without corruption, and surely all problems will be solved because root cause is corruption, perceived and actual injustice and hijacked development. Development does not mean giving away land for SEZs. Main aim should be grassroot micro development.

All the best Hon'ble Mr Antony.

Santosh Kuamr Maurya said...

Bringing military will be a disaster for country. It'll certainly lead to civil war.