Sunday, April 11, 2010

Naxal menace worries retd IPS officers

Pranava K Chaudhary, TNN, Apr 12, 2010, 04.15am IST

PATNA: The Association of retired IPS Officers in Bihar has urged the Centre to treat the recent Chhattisgarh carnage like the “Pearl Harbour” tragedy (of World War II). The association also wants the Centre to do everything possible to rid the country of the Red menace.

“It is extremely unfortunate that a handful of misguided persons are al-lowed to indulge in wanton destruction of human lives and national assets in the name of Maoism __ long discredited and discarded by the country of its origin itself,” said former DGP S B Sahai and president of the As-sociation of Retired IPS officers, Bihar.

The association in a meeting held here on Saturday was of the view that the Centre should tackle “this grave threat” with least collateral damage. The association will send its suggestions to the Union home ministry for consideration.

“The government should first target the top Maoist leaders and put them out of action. This has not been done effectively so far. Terrorism in Pun-jab came to an end only after top terrorist leaders were first eliminated,” Sahay said.

Another suggestion made by the association was that the financial muscle of the Maoists must be targeted simultaneously. The flow of money into their swelling coffers through auction of Kendu leaves and other forest produces should be effectively stopped. The collection of levy and protec-tion money from contractors must also be effectively checked.

Moreover, the association is of the view that the Maoists' weaponry should be targeted and their weapon power decimated. This will require effective control on flow of deadly weapons to them from indigenous and foreign sources. A sizeable portion of their weaponry comprises of arms looted from police. A serious drive should be launched to recover the looted arms. If their fire power is substantially decimated, they will become toothless tigers.

Retired DGs Sudhir K Jha, G Narain, who are also association vice-presidents, retired DGs Shivmurti Rai, J K Sinha and Y N Srivastava (Retd Dgs), besides retired DIG Keshav Narain Sinha were among those who attended the metting.
A massive doze of development and welfare measures in backward re-gions must be launched to improve the economic conditions of the poor and deprived sections and insulate them from the Maoists’ influence, tbhe association feels. “A substantial package of economic incentives and rehabilitation should be at hand to bring back the misguided Maoist cadres to the mainstream,” Sahay said.

The association members also said only a multi-pronged strategy can successfully tackle this grave threat to our very existence as a democratic society. Above all, firm political will on the part of the Centre and the states concerned was the need of the hour to curb the menace.


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