Friday, May 07, 2010

Nepalese Of 20,000 Dares Out Against Maoist To Put An End To Their Drama

Before defence force could swing into operation, the citizens with a bold upsurge to take matters into their hands to withstand the paralyzing affect caused by the Maoist outfit for prolong more than four days, came out in streets in twenty thousands to rally protest against them.
The sea of crowds comprised of local residents including businessmen, lawyers, doctors, engineers, journalists and intellectuals today staged in protest in the capital demanding that the Maoists to put an end to their indefinite strike that has crippled life with an adverse affect.
The civilians asked all political parties to formulate a consensus and find a way out and demanded Maoist to back off from their incessant pressure over the government to resign, they protested, "Enough is enough", people want no more strikes, shutdown and agitations. We want peace and constitution and political parties should come to the negotiating table to break the political impasse.”

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