Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Stop Maoist Naxalism

Central Chronicle

The heartless act of Maoists in India killing hundreds of innocent civilians and jawans are on the rise. The country has witnessed killing of 76 para-military personnel in Dantewada (Chattisgarh) in the recent past. Again on May 17, they have blown up a bus carrying civilians in the same district of Dantewada killing about 36 people including a dozen special police officers.
The reports indicate that since last five years Naxals killed an average 3 people in 2 days. Report further says that they have killed about 2670 people so far out of which 1680 are civilians and 990 jawans. About 1440 Naxalites have also reportedly lost their lives in encounters.
Even after both of these massacres the Government is still hesitating to take concrete steps to eradicate Naxalism from the soil of our country. Is it not the responsibility of an elected Govt to save the life of its people.
When the politicians are enjoying like anything the poor are spending sleepless nights even in their own houses fearing attack by Naxals.
The Maoist Naxals have again put the nation in tears by derailing the Gyaneshwari Express killing more than 170 innocent people and injuring about 200. Before the tears of Dantewada killing have been wiped out, the Naxals have succeeded in their attempt to spoil the nation once again. Will the Govt take any concrete steps to save the life of innocent people at least now.
Surprisingly, one of the leaders of Peoples Community Against Police Atrocities (PCAPA) has expressed regret over the incident and said that it was not their intention to derail the passenger train to kill innocent civilians. According to him their target was a goods train only. Are they going to achieve anything out of sabotaging and making financial loss to the nation. No. Not at all. It is worthwhile to note that majority of the Naxal leaders and its sympathizers are highly educated from reputed universities/institutions of the country/abroad and hailing from well to do families. Their ideology is very strong and are determined to do what they think. The Naxals should understand that the path of violence is not the way to achieve their goal whatever it may be. They should come forward for a meaningful discussion/dialogue across the table with the Central Government in a cordial atmosphere to sort out the issues rather than adopting the way of violence.
India has a strong Army ready to face any eventuality. Time has come now to use it and show the strength of our Army to the Naxals. We should not forget that our enemies outside the country are also watching the action of our elected Government to eradicate Naxalism from her soil.
There was an official statement from the Defence Minister last week that using of Military force to contain the maoist attacks in the country cannot be ruled out. Let's hope the Government will soon take a bold decision to eradicate Maoist led naxalism to save innocent lives in the larger interest of the nation.
VB Rajagopal

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