Monday, June 14, 2010

Ten Indian Maoists killed in security operation

PATNA, India — Indian security forces have killed 10 Maoists in a huge operation to clear a rebel stronghold in the east of the country that involved about 2,000 men, police said on Monday.

One paramilitary policeman was also killed in the fighting, which began late on Sunday and raged for 18 hours in Jharkhand, a heavily forested state that lies in the "Red Corridor" of Maoist-controlled territory in eastern India.

Local police superintendent Akhilesh Jha told AFP that at least 10 Maoists had been killed, "maybe more". A stash of mines, materials for explosives and food supplies were also recovered at one camp.

State police chief Neyaz Ahmad said the raid was part of an ongoing offensive against Maoists in Jharkhand which is being led by local police and heavily armed federal paramilitary police.

An offensive was launched in November in the worst-affected Maoist areas with nearly 60,000 paramilitary and state police pressed into action with the prompting of the New Delhi government, which favours a hardline approach.

Since then, the Maoists have launched a series of increasingly bold and bloody attacks, including the massacre of 76 policemen on April 6 and the derailment of a passenger train on May 29 that left 146 people dead.

The Maoist rebellion, which Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has labelled the biggest threat to the country's internal security, began in West Bengal in 1967 and has since spread to 20 of India's 29 states. (AFP)


dr.gaur said...

Are there any other Maoists operating in India other than Indians?, as it appears from your Title of writeup--dr.amritgaur

aagassociates said...

One more point Dr. Man Mohan Singh Prime Minister of India says that Maoists have spread over in 20 out of 29 States of the country and I do hereby compelled to tell that it is all due to the maladministration of States & Central Government of India, who have failed to address the grievances of the people engaged in this Maoists'/ Naxalites' Movement---dr.amritgaur