Monday, July 12, 2010

Nurturing the anti-national elements: Maoists in capital

July 11/ Amit Shrivastav

LAST NIGHT there was a bizarre event organised by Maoists-Naxalite groups atJawaharlal Nehru University. This was a ‘march’ in support of Kashmiri separatists. All India Student Association (AISA), a student outfit of CPI(ML) and Democratic Student Union, a student wing of banned CPI(Maoists) were the organisers. All anti-Indian slogans were raised. It may seem quite strange to outsiders, but for a JNU student it has became a habit to see these two organisations abusing the very idea of national integration. Even knowing the fact that the recent incidents of Kashmir was sponsored and instigated by Jihadi terrorists groups like Hizbul Mujahideen, these handful of guys were voicing the ‘Kashmiri-Nationalism’ and holding Indian states as expansionist and repressive.

DSU has been always writing against 'Indian State' and 'Indian Nation' though this organisation has less than ten members but since all of them belong to elite families they have all financial and legal protection, even JNU administration can’t dare to ask them a question. The other organisation AISA is well know for its opportunistic stand on pro-Maoist and anti-Maoist issues. However, all its tricks are to get the support from different sections of student community. The much controversial celebration of the killings of Central Reserve Police Force men by Naxals was also organised by these two leftist organisations. The common student is not confused why they are supporting Kashmiri separatists. This support offered by them is as an aid to defeat India as nation so that they can have Maoist regime in near future along with the ideological support from Islamic terrorists from Kashmir and Pakistan.

Since CPI(ML) being a political party, their kids (student wing) AISA can’t write on directly offending India as nation, they have created a decoy organisation in name of 'Student for Resistance'. A pamphlet dated July 9, 2010, issued by 'Student for Resistance' openly support the 'Kashmiri-Nationalism' and rejecting the existence of India as nation in any form. Further more, this pamphlet also held Indian state as 'expansionist' and 'repressive'.

At the same time, these groups completely ignored the bigger violation of humanity by Maoist when they killed 26 men by blast. They remain silent on this issue as student community condemned and rejected their celebration of killings last time. Their hypocrisy is further exposed when it comes to the rights of Kashmiri minorities and forceful obstruction of Amarnath Yatra by very same Kashmiri separatists. The question remains unanswered – why we are taking the bigotry crap of such offenders in the name of freedom of expression? Why such selective human rights drama to be continued using the university facilities financed by Indian state using the money of Indian tax payers. May be they have connections in academic administration or they have sympathisers in the same ‘Indian-state’ system... but for an Indian citizen it is too painful to see such paranoid drama in the name of politics.


debasis behera said...

the students should be thrown out of the university immediately.

Another Indian said...

The students should be deported to the jungles of Bastar or Dantewada. Let them shout loud in those deaf forests.Shame on JNU administration

Anonymous said...

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