Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Students pull down black flag hoisted by Reds in Gaya Read more: Students pull down black flag hoisted by Reds in Gaya

Abdul Qadir/ToI

GAYA: Showing rare courage and patriotism, students of Dumaria-based Magra High School pulled down the black flag hoisted by Maoists on the school premises on Sunday, and re-hoisted a Tricolour. The students including girls, also raised anti-Maoist slogans forcing the half-a-dozen Maoists beat a hasty retreat.

According to reports reaching here, as soon as Magra High School officiating principal Deena Nath Verma hoisted the Tricolour, a group of half-a-dozen motorcycle-borne armed Maoists arrived at the school pulled down the Tricolour and hoisted a black flag in its place.

Reacting instantly, a girl student pulled down the black flag and re-hoisted the national Tricolour. The ultras were taken aback by the courage shown by the girl who was immediatly joined by other students. Sensing trouble, the rebels left the place but not before firing several rounds in the air in a bid to scare away the students. The students, thereafter, took out a protest march against the Maoists and exhorted the local shopkeepers to down their shutters to protest against Maoists. The shopkeepers instantly obliged.

Sherghati SDPO Mahendra Prasad said a case against unidentified persons has been lodged in connection with hoisting of black flag at Magra High School.

District education officerBrajesh Ojha was all praise for the students and said they had the full support of villagers. The DEO said he has sought a report from the school principal and would recommend award for the brave children.


Unknown said...

it was really a brave work.
must be appriciated to encourage the fighting spirit of the student.

i feel proud for that girl.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Those are some brave students. They should really consider forming a Social Networking Platform. I'm proud of them and I think they do great work.

akshay.aksci said...

nice to see such a post. i've been extensively reading on naxals for a past few weeks and knew they had hoisted black flags on the anniversary of Indian Independence!

what happened at the school was extremism. but we should know what the tribals are going through and have went through for past several years in the red corridor! the blog extensively writes on terror menace, aren't they compelled to fall take refuge under maoist support?

what the students did was great! they stood against coercive power, which should be appreciated! but we should not overlook the plight of the tribal people! all tribals are not maoists, and all moists do not stand for the tribals! but we've generalized them all into the term naxalites! let us not overlook whats evident! they're our people!

Anonymous said...