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Posters with Maoist signature emerge in Bengal, intel reports claim increased Maoist activity in Jangalmahal

Maoist posters emerge in Bengal's Jangalmahal , probe is on
Tamal Saha| Special Correspondent
Updated Aug 16, 2020 | 15:05 IST

CRPF sources say Maoists have started extorting money from villagers and businessmen in Jhargram district. Intel reports indicate movement of armed men inside dense forest of Jangalmahal bordering Jharkhand.

Maoist posters emerge in Bengal's Jangalmahal , probe is on
Maoist posters emerge in Bengal's Jangalmahal , probe is on

Key Highlights

  • Posters with Maoist signature seized by police at Belpahari in Jhargram district
  • Maoists urge villagers to observe August 15 a a black day, read the posters
  • Police probe is on, the posters bear the signature Maoist style of red ink on white paper.

Kolkata: After staying in hibernation for years, Maoists are back and regrouping in the Jangalmahal area of West Bengal, according to recent intelligence reports.

Adding to further concern, close to 25 posters with Maoist signature were found at Belpahari area of Jhargram district on Saturday, the morning of August 15, Independence day.


The posters had the signature of CPI (Maoist), done in the usual style of using red ink on a white sheet of paper. People on Saturday morning woke up to the news of the emergence of such posters at two places in Belpahari- Bhulabheda bazaar and Domohani bus stand.

The posters read urging people that “August 15 should be observed as a black day". This has stoked fears if days preceding 2011 'paribartan' (change) will make any comeback in the belt ahead of 2021 assembly elections, days of violence and turbulence.


After 2011 change in power, the Mamata Banerjee government had succeeded in containing violence and also the integration of left ultras into the mainstream living. Several Maoists had surrendered after the killing of dreaded Maoist leader Mallojula Koteswar Rao alias Kishanji in 2011.

As per intelligence sources, Maoists have started regrouping in the Jangalmahal belt, mostly deep into forest area bordering Jharkhand. Police sources claim at least two meetings have happened, as learnt from locals in Belpahari and Baspahari area of Jhargram.

The entire Jangalmahal belt comprising of Midnapore, Jhargram, Bankura and Purulia districts were largely Maoist infested till 2011. Such posters were also found last year in Midnapore and Goaltora areas but then the police had dismissed them as a mere act of mischief by locals with some ulterior motive.


But this time, sources say Police have taken these posters seriously and have not dismissed them as yet. This comes almost a month after bombs and bullets were seized by police from underground in Bankura's Jangalmahal area.

CRPF sources say Maoists have started extorting money from villagers and businessmen in Jhargram district, on July 27 there has been the movement of armed men in the din of night, presumably who belonged to the red ultras.

While villagers are scared to speak out against Maoists but sources within state administration say that several villagers are supporting them out of political interest.

The Jangalmahal belt had seen saffron surge after the tribals had overwhelmingly supported the BJP. Maoist movements have started in villages which used to be their known territory, thus public support came handy, claimed sources.

Intelligence reports indicate increased activity in the movement of armed men inside the dense forest of Jangalmahal, especially near the Belpahari area. Police claim they are investigating the posters which were found on Saturday

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