Friday, September 25, 2020

Asifabad encounter: CPI-Maoist calls for bandh in Telangana on Monday

Special police patrol the forests in Kumuram Bheem Asifabad district of Telangana. File photoSpecial police patrol the forests in Kumuram Bheem Asifabad district of Telangana. File photo | Photo Credit: S. Harpal Singh
Marri RamuHYDERABAD 25 SEPTEMBER 2020 12:15 IST

The outfit terms the recent exchanges of fire between police and Maoists as ‘fake encounters’

Communist Party of India (CPI)-Maoist on Friday appealed to people to observe bandh on Monday in Telangana State protesting against the recent ‘killingof eight of its members in Asifabad Kumarambheem and Bhadradri Kothagudem districts.

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Describing the exchanges of fire between police and Maoists as ‘fake encounters’, the CPI-Maoist Telangana State Committee secretary Jagan called upon people to condemn the ‘killings’ and fight against ‘TRS government’. Despite the Maoists not carrying out any  attacks on police or political leaders in the recent past, the ‘TRS government and police’ were resorting to ‘fake encounters’, he said in a statement.



Rights activists and organisations should find out facts over these ‘killings’ and ensure persons responsible for the deaths secured punishment, he stated. All the slain Maoists Shankar, Srinu, Ayithu, Chukkalu, Baji Rao, Jogaiah, Raje and Lalitha belonged to Adivasi and oppressed sections.

"After catching the Maoists, the government killed them instead of sending them to prisons as per the laws", Jagan charged. TRS had misled people claiming that

‘Maoists’ agenda’ was ‘their agenda’. Soon after coming to power, TRS government began serving imperialists, capitalists and brokers at the cost of rendering justice to suppressed sections, the statement said.

Rights activists and members of people’s associations raising voice against government’s actions were being branded as Maoists and lodged in prisons. Worried of people questioning the government’s actions, TRS government gave extensive powers to police officials to wipe out Maoists movement, Jagan stated.

He alleged that police caught Maoist Shankar on September 3 when he went to hospital due to ill health and "eliminated" him in Devarlagudmen. Four days later, unarmed Srinu and Ayithu were caught at Poosuguppa. They too were "killed after being tortured", Jagan charged in the statement.

On September 19, Maoists Chukkalu and Baji Rao were picked up when they went to meet villagers in civilian clothes and later killed in Kadamba forest, he alleged. Three other Maoists were killed in near similar fashion at Chennapuram, he claimed adding that in all the incidents, stories of fake encounters were cooked up.

The CPI-Maoist Telngana secretary charged that, after the killing of two Maoists in Kadamba forest, police themselves issued a statement in the name of Maoist state committee member Bhaskar alias Adellu condemning the encounter to create confusion

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