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Mangaluru, Sep 5: It is gathered that the root of the ganja supply chain to the district that is routed through places like Kasargod and Kannur districts lies in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh (AP). The police have found through investigation that ganja is being supplied to southern states from Visakhapatnam via Bengaluru.

Even though cultivation, sale and use of ganja are prohibited in our country, it is available in large quantities in the black market. All activities connected with cultivation and sale of ganja are conducted clandestinely, avoiding legal scrutiny.

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It is said that naxals grow ganja in the eastern ghat areas of Andhra Pradesh and then supply ganja to the black market. Both good quality and second quality ganja are available in Visakhapatnam and the low price ganja gets supplied to different districts through the middlemen.

The local police dither from visiting the areas where ganja is being grown because of the fear of naxals, a senior police officer has confessed. Therefore, ganja is grown there without any fear and money generated from it funds naxal activities, it is learnt.

During the period of 20 months from January 2019 to August 2020, the police have found illegal trafficking of 234 kg of ganja within the limits of the city police commissionerate in different operations and raids and confiscated the drug