Thursday, June 17, 2021

Eatala Rajender Receives A Letter From Telangana Maoist Party

Update: 2021-06-16 18:18 IST

Eatala Rajender Receives A Letter From Telangana Maoist Party

The former minister Eatala Rajender who joined the BJP is facing a series of shocks. Telangana Maoist party spokesperson Jagan Ghattu released the letter and opposed the decision of Eatala. The Telangana Maoist party has condemned the resignation of former Telangana state minister Etala Rajender.

Jagan reminded that after the resignation, Eatala Rajender said, he would fight against KCR's rule for the self-respect of the Telangana people.

He said the differences between KCR and Eetala are not related to the people. They belong to the same category. After the formation of the Telangana state, the TRS party came to power in the state but never thought of people and worked against the wishes of the Telangana people.

In the letter, Maoist spokesperson Jagan alleged that Eatala, who had previously held power next to KCR, had tried to increase his assets. Part of it was the illegal occupation of lands. Maoist leader Jagan has criticized Eatala for joining the party today to protect its assets by declaring that he will fight for self-respect in Telangana.

Further, Jagan said that, Eatala said he has the support of RSU Maoists. But they will never support Eatala Rajender as his decision of joining the BJP is against the wish of the Telangana people. As many people are fighting against BJP's policies in the country, they will never support Eatala Rajender. Jagan also said in the letter that the people of Telangana were fighting against the KCR dictatorship

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