Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020 remained comparatively a successful year for the Bastar police when it came to restoration of peace, improved policing, anti-Naxal operations, surrender and others.



The cops opened 13 new police camps in Naxal-infested areas. The number of Naxal violence, Maoist attacks and casualties remained low compared to 2019.


Last year, 112 encounters occurred between police and Naxals in which 40 Naxals were killed in the encounters while 438 had surrendered with 80 weapons. 290 weapons were recovered in separate actions, Inspector General of Police, Sunderraj P said.

Success rate remained high because police are working on three fronts in better coordination with other agencies. We are trying to build confidence in the public while providing peace and security to them,” the IG said.

The initiatives like Lon Varra Tu, Manva Puna, Amcho Bastar Amcho police, Tendumunta Bastar, Niyanar Niya police, Amcho Police and Amcho Sangwari were well received by tribal population as the campaigns are in local dialect and language, he added.

The Bastar police also constructed, resumed transportation service on Aranpur-Jagarguna road. Road transportation was halted for the past 16 years. Police have been helping in the construction of roads so connectivity and development in the area pick up pace, the IG Bastar added.

As per locals, police activities in the Naxal-dominated areas have continuously increased in the past year.