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After gap of 9 months, Naxal drones seen in Gadchiroli again

Gadchiroli Superintendent of Police Ankit Goyal confirmed the sighting of drones. "The drones were probably launched from a nearby hillock so that we may not be able to spot them," he said.

Drones were also sighted near Pipariya police post in Gondia district, according to Deputy Inspector General of Police, Gadchiroli range, Sandip Patil.

Naxal drones have resurfaced in Gadchiroli after a gap of over nine months.

After spotting them in Gatta area of Etapalli tahsil in September and over Jimalgatta, Repanpalli and Jhinganur villages in October last year, drones were seen hovering close to Halewara, Damrancha and Venkatapur in south Gadchiroli about three weeks ago.


Gadchiroli Superintendent of Police Ankit Goyal confirmed the sighting of drones. “The drones were probably launched from a nearby hillock so that we may not be able to spot them,” he said.

Drones were also sighted near Pipariya police post in Gondia district, according to Deputy Inspector General of Police, Gadchiroli range, Sandip Patil.


Patil said, “The drones are ferried over sensitive posts between 7 pm and 9 pm, making it difficult to trace the origin.” He said their objective was to study the arrangements in the post and to conduct surveillance of police parties out on anti-Naxal operations.

Asked where the drones could be sourced from, Patil said, “We had found some drones being used for purposes like shooting weddings at Etapalli town. It was then revealed that they were brought from Hyderabad. So we suspect that Naxals, too, must have brought them from Hyderabad.”

He, however, said, “They are simple drones, incapable of carrying out any attacks and are usable only for surveillance purpose, but we do conduct standard operating procedures by firing at them.”

On how the police would tackle the menace if Naxals take their usage of drones to another level, Patil said, “We are also using drones to counter them. We have placed orders for anti-drone guns and will soon deploy them at our sensitive posts.”

Maoist couple carrying reward of Rs 8 lakh surrenders before Gadchiroli Police

Vinod alias Maniram Narsu Boga, 32, and wife Kavita alias Satto Harisingh Kowachi, 33, surrendered before the police, according to a press note issued by Superintendent of Police, Ankit Goyal.

Police also claimed that Kavita had six encounters, one arson and three other crimes against her name and carried a reward of Rs 2 lakh for her capture.

A Maoist couple carrying a reward of Rs 8 lakh has surrendered before Gadchiroli Police.

Vinod alias Maniram Narsu Boga, 32, and wife Kavita alias Satto Harisingh Kowachi, 33, surrendered before the police, according to a press note issued by Superintendent of Police, Ankit Goyal.


“Vinod was a senior cadre belonging to Korchi dalam and was also working as a dalam doctor. He has 13 murders, 21 encounters, one arson and five other serious crimes registered against his name. He was carrying a reward of Rs 6 lakh for his capture,” the press note added.

Police also claimed that Kavita had six encounters, one arson and three other crimes against her name and carried a reward of Rs 2 lakh for her capture.


As many as 43 Maoist cadres have surrendered between 2019 and 2021, which include four divisional committee members (of CPI-Maoist), two dalam commanders, three deputy commanders and 33 dalam members. “This was possible because of incessant efforts by the police to bring Maoists into the mainstream. Also, the cadres surrender because they are tired of violence,” stated the press note.

Ever since the surrender scheme was launched in 2005, 647 Maoists have surrendered in Gadchiroli. “Of them, 127 have been given plots of land, 107 have been given houses under Gharkul scheme, 36 women cadres have been given sewing machines while 23 have been given… benefits of other government schemes. This is also prompting more and more Maoists to surrender,” the press note has claimed

Ex-Maoist teenage girl, who hunted cops, now aspires to be one!

By Quaid Najmi

Gondia (Maharashtra), Aug 1 (IANS): In a strange twist of fate, cops who once hunted this dreaded girl are now her jealous and zealous guardian angels -- and that same gun-wielding 19-year-old girl, who used to target cops and the security forces once, now aspires to be one of them.

The teenaged tribal girl is Rajula Hidami, barely 13, and studying in Class VII in the village school, when she was unwittingly forced into bloody Maoist activities as a Dalam Member, in 2016.

However, in 2018, while on ‘lookout duty', she escaped their clutches to officially surrender before the then Superintendent of Gondia, Harish Baijal, and Additional SP, Sandeep Atole, as part of the policy to bring the waywards into the societal mainstream.

Then, she expressed a desire to resume her interrupted studies from Class VIII onwards, which the police wholeheartedly facilitated, and this year, she cleared her SSC exams with 50.80 per cent through the Manoharbhai Patel High School & Junior College, ably guided by the principal K. C. Sahare.

Buoyed by her academic success, Rajula now aspires to be a police-woman to serve the society, said her local guardian (LG), a serving policeman who declined to be identified in view of security concerns for his ward (Rajula).

Hailing from the Gond tribal community in Lavhari village of the Maoist-infested Gadchiroli district, the LG said Rajula's story of being coerced into the Maoist hellhole and then emerging unscathed is an inspiration.

"One day, when she was barely 13-14, she grabbed her basic mobile phone and went to the jungles to graze her herd of sheep-goats... That afternoon, some killer Maoists lurking there espied her and suddenly confronted her," the LG said.

Unwilling to take risks -- in case she was a police informer -- the Maoists coaxed her to show them some spot in the jungle, but when she refused, they grabbed her mobile.

Reluctantly, she guided them for at least 4-5 km into the deep forests, and then demanded her phone back to return home.

However, the rebels gently explained that it would be dark soon, she could be attacked by wild animals and coaxed her to spend the night in their hidden camp.

That was Rajula's error, she slept in the camp and the next morning, they practically made her captive, deaf to all her cries and pleas for release over the next three years.

"Rajula was studying in Class VII when she suddenly disappeared from sight...Later, the villagers and her family got the shocking news that she had become a gun-toting Maoist," the LG said.

After her escape and surrender, the police were stunned to find that she had acquired other types of ‘education' through the Korchi-Khobramenda-Kurkheda Dalam, that operates in the adjoining Gadchiroli district.

"She was a genius at handling the most modern mobile phones, tabs, laptops and communication networks, using any sophisticated weaponry from an AK-47 to pistols and rockets to grenades, planning and executing ambushes for the security forces -- skills that people take years to master," the LG told IANS.

Rajula recounted how, whenever the Maoists killed security forces, there were boisterous celebrations in the jungle camps, free-flowing liquor, singing-dancing, with a sumptuous feast of sweet ‘rava halwa', ‘pakoras', stolen domestic animals or wild creatures butchered for a tangy stew, served alongside rice and vegetables.

Luckily, she was spared of any kind of physical torture, but the Maoists seemed to be fond of her and trained Rajula for a long gun-toting career in the wilds.

Post-surrender, Rajula was given a compensation of Rs 3.50 lakh for her rehabilitation, but since her father had passed away and her mother remarried, and her two elder sisters were also settled in marital life, the police department took over her responsibility.

"I feel that the rehab which has been initiated must reach its logical conclusion with cooperation of all to make the huge efforts worthwhile," Baijal told IANS.

Baijal recalled how, when the Anti Corruption Bureau laid successful traps to catch corrupt officials, the complainants later suffered hugely with the entire department ganging up to block all the works/documents of the poor man who dared to challenge their graft-dom, thus defeating the very purpose of the traps.

"She has been showing good progress...Since she is quite an athlete, she is keen to join the police force, though we would be happy even if she pursues higher studies," Atole said.

Presently, Rajula lives in Deori, with the LG's family, learning new tricks of the trade on how to manage the household, kitchen, basic sewing etc.

Occasionally, she travels to visit her mother in a village around 40 km away, but accompanied by "someone responsible" -- to ensure she doesn't get ‘carried away' by the fuming Maoists, perhaps forever

Maoists take station master hostage, lay siege to Chaura halt in Jamui

PATNA: Suspected armed Maoists laid siege to Chaura railway halt in 


 district and took its station master and few other staff hostage at gunpoint around 3.45am on Saturday, disrupting train services on Jamui-Jhajha section of Patna-Kolkata route for a few hours. 

The Maoist action was part of their ongoing martyrdom week (July 28-August 3) being observed in Bihar and other states. As per the ministry of home affairs, Jamui falls under the category of most-affected 25 districts affected by left wing extremism (LWE) in the country.

Police sources said the Maoists allegedly threatened the station master, Vinay Kumar, to blow up the halt if the train services were not stopped immediately. Sources said train services on both Up and Dn track were immediately stopped and remained disrupted for a few hours after the incident. They said Himgiri Express (02332) remained stranded at Jamui station and Tata-Chhapra Express (08181) at Jhajha station.

The sources said armed Maoists kept Kumar and few other railway staff hostage for at least half an hour before leaving the station. Kumar later informed the Jhajha control room about the incident. After receiving the information, the CRPF unit for railway track patrolling and demining along with railway protection force, government rail police and Jamui police personnel were immediately mobilised and sent toward the Chaura halt with demining teams.

A massive combing and area domination operation was launched simultaneously. The tracks and nearby areas of the halt were thoroughly inspected and sanitized by security personnel as per the standard operating procedure before resuming the train services.

ADG (operation) Sushil Mansingh Khopde told TOI over phone that information about only one suspect reaching the halt was received. “He threatened the station master to stop train movements or he will blow up the halt,” he said.

Khopde said there was no prior intelligence input about movement of armed Maoist cadres in the area and the modus operandi was not of the Reds. “Maoists leave behind posters, pamphlets and messages. They contact journalists or other persons and take responsibilities for any crime they commit. Here, nothing such happened,” he said.

“I am neither denying nor accepting anything if Maoists were involved or not. Investigations are going on to ascertain things,” he said, adding the incident disrupted train services

Abduction of minors, new recruitment strategy of Maoists?

A Gutti Koya tribal family in an Internally Displaced Family settlementin Chintoor Agency in East Godavari district.A Gutti Koya tribal family in an Internally Displaced Family settlementin Chintoor Agency in East Godavari district.
T. Appala NaiduCHINTOOR (EAST GODAVARI) 01 AUGUST 2021 01:25 IST
UPDATED: 01 AUGUST 2021 01:25 IST

Command over challenging terrains makes Gutti Koya youth the prime target

On June 17, a 12-year-old Gutti Koya tribal girl was allegedly abducted by the Charla-Sabari Area Committee of the CPI(Maoist) from her house in a settlement. The settlement in the Chintoor Agency comprises families that fled from the Moaist-hit Chhattisgarh prior to 2011.

The girl was abducted to be groomed as a Maoist to be deployed on the borders of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, and Chhattisgarh.



Spending over a month with the Maoists, the girl managed to meet the Chintoor police on July 27. Her meet was not an attempt to surrender before the police as a Maoist, but to plead with them for medical treatment and send her back to her parents. She pleaded with the police not to brand her as a Maoist.

In December 2020, a 14-year-old Gutti Koya tribal boy was allegedly abducted by the Maoists from his house. In the police records, his official status remains ‘missing’. A native of Chhattisgarh, his family settled in Goluguppa, a habitation of the Internally Displaced Families (IDP) in Chintoor Agency.

The incidences of abduction of Gutti Koya minors from the IDP settlements appear that the Maoists embraced the new recruitment strategy of “abduction:”. The tribe is known for its command over the terrain on the Andhra-Chhattisgarh borders.

In the two cases of the abduction of minors, the pleas by their parents yielded no result to free their children from the clutches of Maoists, who are desperately inching forward to strengthen their force with the Gutti Koyas.

Chintoor ASP G. Krishnakanth told The Hindu that the 12-year-old tribal girl stated that she was subjected to physical labour during her brief stint with the Maoists. “Investigation is on to ascertain the facts beginning from her abduction,” Mr. Krishnakanth said.

When the apex court declared ‘Salwa Judum’ as unconstitutional in 2011, about 6,660 victims of the Salwa Judum–Maoists conflict fled Chhattisgarh to East and West Godavari districts. Above 90% of them are Gutti Koyas who settled in the reserve forests in the twin Godavari districts.

On Saturday, a flex banner displaying the photographs of Maoists trekking the hilly terrain with loads of baggage surfaced near Edugurallapalli that shares a border with Sukma district, the heart of Red Corridor. The banner in Telugu condemned the kidnap of the 12-year-old girl. However, the authenticity of the banner was yet to be ascertained.


Since July last, four Gutti Koya tribal youth, including a 19-year-old girl, surrendered before the East Godavari police, reportedly after serving some months in the respective committees of the Maoist groups. They all settled in the Chintoor Agency. The age of the three youth is 19 and one was 20 when they surrendered.

East Godavari SP Adnan Nayeem Asmi said the four youth had been recruited by the Maoists, including Charla-Sabari Area Committee

Monday, July 26, 2021

Maha: Naxal explosives recovered from Gadchiroli forest

Gadchiroli, Jul 26 (PTI) Explosives hidden by Naxals in Lavari forest in Gadchiroli district was recovered by police, an official said on Monday. The recovery was made on Sunday from Kurkheda sub division by a team of C-60 commandos and other security personnel, he said. A statement from the district superintendent of police Ankit Goyal''s office said one cooker bomb, one 303 empty case, one SLR empty case, Naxal uniforms and other items of daily use were seized. It said patrolling and operations had been intensified in view of ''Naxal Week'' being observed by the outlawed outfit from July 28 to August 2. PTI

Chhattisgarh police arrests wanted Naxalite commander Tiger Hoonga

Kothagudem: 5 Maoist militia members held

Update: 2021-07-26 23:59 IST

Bhadrachalam ASP G Vineeth speaking to media persons in Cherla on Sunday

Cherla (Kothagudem): Five members of the banned CPI (Maoist) Party militia members were arrested in the forests of Kurnapally in the district on Monday.

Bhadrachalam ASP, G Vineeth informedthe mediapersons that the militia members were arrested by a team comprising Cherla police, special party personnel and CRPF 141 Bn A Coy personnel while combing the Kurnapally forest area.

Thearrested were identified as Pando Iramaiah, Ravva Bandi, M Laxmaiah, P Gangaiah, Sodi Bhadraia, he said.

They were collecting the wall posters and pamphlets of banned Maoist's for supporting Martyr of Maoist's weekend day celebrations from 28thto August 3rd, he said. They were coming to the Cherla town for dropping the wall posters and pamphlets on the roads for supporting the celebrations he informed.

The police appealed to the tribal people to not believe the Maoist words and not do follow the activities. The police are developing the villages and encouraging the youth in all the aspects, they said

15 Dantewada villages to be declared ‘Maoist-free’ on August 15, say police

Representative image

RAIPUR: At least 15 villages of insurgency-hit Dantewada district of Bastar division will be declared 'Naxal-free' on August 15. It is for the first time that villages falling under restive region of Red Zone have become 'green zones' — totally free from all kinds of Naxal activities or frontal organisations. 

An extensive survey was done across Dantewada to mark zones of 'Red'- worst Maoist affected, 'Orange'- less affected and 'Green'- not affected. This Independence Day, these 15 villages will celebrate 'Freedom from 


', said Dantewada SP Abhishek 



He said that 'Lon Varattu' surrender campaign (return to home) has encouraged over 400 


 to join mainstream in past two years and it has played a crucial role in eradicating 


 from various patches of Dantewada district.

"Based on the ten parameters of assessment related to number of Maoist attacks, their visits to villages, number of meetings, presence of frontal organisations like Bal Sangham, Chetna Natya Manch etc, if cops in uniform could visit the villages and on similar factors, police teams had started to survey 149 gram panchayats of the district in January. It is for the first time that such an intensive survey took place and reassessment was done multiple times following which it was found that 15 gram panchayat have converted from orange to green zones with no Maoist activity," Pallava told TOI.

The process of final screening is to be done before declaring 15 gram panchayats as 'free from Maoist' zone.

Pallava said that police had earlier prepared a list with names of Maoists expected to surrender under Lon Varratu campaign and the 15 villages identified as 'Naxal-free' are among the ones that have recorded maximum number of surrenders. There's no pending name to be surrendered from the 15 villages.

"The effect of detailed survey is such that the panchayats are approaching police to inform their villages were now 'green zones'. Of the 149 gram panchayat initially surveyed, 74 were found to be green, 42 orange and 33 red zones. When 42 gram panchayats underwent fresh surveys, 15 were found to be absolutely free from 'Red' activities," the SP said.

With the declaration, the district administration will start an active intervention in these villages to proactively work towards promoting developmental activities in these regions.

Dantewada collector Dipak Soni told TOI, "Right from public distribution system, hospitals, schools, aaganwadi centres, water and electricity to roads and infrastructural development, we would be able to penetrate freely without risk in these identified villages. People having access to such facilities have to cover distance of several kilometres to grab them but now, we will announce a special development package for their villages, to be available at the door-step."

The villages that will be declared Moist-free are: Hitameta and Hidpal in Barsoor, Bade Surokhi, Bade Tamnar in Geedam, Dhurli, Masenar, Gamawada, Bade Kameli in Bhansi, 

Chandenar, Phulnar

, Kuper, Kanwalnar, Dumam in Dantewada, Gadhmiri in Kuakonda and Keshapur in Faraspal